Who is Juliette West?

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Posted May 16, 2011 by Rachelle Owen

Last week we told you a little about Juliette West—a dedicated, passionate, and inspired teenager who has taken upon herself to speak up for elephants here and around the world. From speaking out against circuses that use and abuse animals (hear that, Ringling?) to fighting against trekking camps and rescuing an elephant in Thailand, Juliette is a unique spirit.

Juliette’s documentary How I Became an Elephant, is making its rounds in the film festival circuit and wowing audiences everywhere—even inspiring one movie goer to go vegan on the spot! A few months ago, peta2 staffer Ryan sat down with Juliette in Los Angeles to ask her some questions about her journey, the plight of elephants around the world, and the future.

Want to know when How I Became an Elephant is screening near you? Check out the official website for updates.

What do you think of Juliette?



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  • 1349 days ago

    We have a new kickstarter page up to raise completion funds for the film. We are almost there. Check out the great perks we have in return for your support.


  • 1374 days ago

    thats really great =)

  • eve

    1447 days ago

    She’s AMAZING! Thank you!!!

  • 1453 days ago

    Living in Los Angeles and being an elephant advocate, I have known Juliette for a few years now and she is amazing. She is smart, dedicated to helping elephants and an inspiring example of how powerful a kid can be for a cause. The film is extremely educational and upsetting and Juliette knows the truth about elephants, especially after her trip to Thailand. She will be instrumental in changing and ending their abuse and she’s absolutely right- you kids can do great things for animals and the animals need you to do it!

  • 1465 days ago

    This is really great that the consciousness of teenager like Juliet it has been changing even in adults like me too in my case thanks Peta for helping me see all those videos available I had always been scare of mice and use to kill them and now I am even changing to vegan! Life has to be respectful to every creature I can belive Walt Disney never had that in his mind after using all animals for his business, how can they use Mickey Mouse for experiments and shopped their head off after the experiment? that is how I started to change this planet is for all of us to enjoy it not to abuse the inteligence to put other creature under such a bad treatments! beautiful job Juliet you are an inspiration and a young example that kids can make a huge difference Thanks….Adriana

  • 1466 days ago

    What a bright young lady! Just love her and what she believes in. Never stop…

  • 1467 days ago

    Amazing girl!

  • 1467 days ago

    AWESOME! :)

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