Why Santa, Why?

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Posted December 21, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

In case you haven’t heard, PETA has launched a campaign against old Saint Nick, a.k.a. Kris Kringle, for abusing reindeer in the name of “tradition” and for that horrid white fur that he wears on his red suit. There’s nothing jolly about animal abuse!
Actually, we haven’t yet called for a Santa boycott, but this story from made us lol:

The animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has launched a vigorous protest against the perceived abuse of reindeers by Mr. Claus. They argue that the stress caused by flight – an unnatural behaviour for that species – would cause extensive trauma in the animals and thus constitutes cruel and abusive behaviour. PETA has also argues that its veterinarians should be allowed to examine one reindeer that appears to be suffering from a genetic mutation which turns his nose various shades of red. The animal group wants to be reassured that the animals condition is truly inborn, and is not wilfully being caused by Mr Claus for publicity reasons. Finally, PETA wants to be reassured that Mr. Claus’ white collar is –as he claims – made of fake fur rather than, as the group suspects, fur derived from the slaughter of small polar bears.

I do think it would be pretty adorable if little kids wrote letters to Santa asking him to stop wearing fur.
Last week, Lori Pretzer of eBay posted on the site’s forums asking users if they thought it was a good idea for them to add a “Live Pets Classified” section to the site. Can anyone else see why this is a horrible idea? For starters, this encourages breeders to sell animals online as though they were products, rather than someone who requires love and attention. Also, “bunchers” often collect animals from such classifieds to sell to laboratories who conduct animal experiments. Please join me in e-mailing Lori at and telling her why you strongly oppose adding such a section to eBay.
Screw Maddox. People who say things like “For every animal you don’t eat…” and think they’re really funny need to be hit in the back of the head with a sock full of nickels. On that note, Moby designed this shirt for PETA that I would like to have on my body.

More demos comin’ atcha! PETA’s Lindsay Rajt is heading to Iowa next week for a handful of KFC demonstrations. If you’re in the area, spend an hour protesting with her!

Thursday, December 29 – Waterloo and Iowa City
Friday, December 30 – Davenport


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