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Posted March 26, 2007 by Rachelle Owen

The Dollyrots new album, Because I’m Awesome, is so… well….awesome, that I decided to do a lil more digging on the band. I started with a source I deemed closest to The Dollyrots, their rat Sniffy.


What is it like touring with The Dollyrots?
It’s the BEST! I get to meet tons of AWESOME people and critters, listen
to music, ride in the car all day, and eat lots of good food.
What kind of food do you like to eat on the road?
Well, it’s tough to find fresh food, so some days are good and others are… well… fast food. Lucky for me we always have an emergency supply of dried fruit, nuts, and granola!
What do you like to do in between gigs?
Usually I snooze during the day, which the band does too, so it works out well.
Sometimes, I’ll read a book or help Kelly crochet or something. I really
like massages (especially around my ears and mouth). At night, I take naps
between sets and mingle with the band before it gets too loud!
Who is your favorite member of The Dollyrots? Be honest!
That’s pretty easy. Sorry guys, but it’s gotta be Kelly. She gives
the best petting and gives me baby baths! And she makes a mean strawberry cake!
What do you think about animal testing?
What do you think?!? I have feelings. I think humans are creative and intelligent enough to find ways to do everything without causing animals to suffer. I am hopeful.
What is your favorite band?
The Dollyrots!
Sniffy has convinced me that The Dollyrots definitely live up to their album’s name. If you’re also convinced, or if you are just curious, fill out the form below for a chance to win a copy of their new album!

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