Would You Eat a Chicken's Period?

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Posted January 24, 2008 by Marta Holmberg

If I were to pose this question to fifty random people on the street, my guess is that the vast majority would say, “Of course not!” in disgust. And yet, these same people probably eat chickens’ periods on a daily basis.

Not to get all menstrual on you, but a girl’s period happens when an unfertilized egg and other tissue are discharged from her body, right? Well, when a hen lays an egg, it has either been fertilized, in which case a chicken will eventually come out of the shell, or it’s unfertilized, and people apparently thought it would be a good idea to eat these eggs.

I used to eat eggs, too, but one day, I went to crack open an egg and found blood in it. That was enough to keep me from eating eggs only when they were mixed into other things (like cake, cookies, etc.), then a couple of months later I was making cookies and cracked open an egg only to find blood in that egg, too. It was pretty sickening, and then I made the realization that I found blood in the eggs because eggs are chickens’ periods. Needless to say, I stopped eating eggs entirely after that.

I can’t think of anything more gross than eating a period. Who wants scrambled chickens’ periods? I’ll take tofu scramble instead, thanks.

If you want to quit your egg habit, but aren’t quite sure what to eat instead, here are some suggestions:

– Making cookies, cake, or some other baked good? You can use bananas or applesauce as a binder, or check out Ener-G Egg Replacer (Find it at a store near you here.).
– Or maybe you’re looking to get all fancy on me and make something with eggs as a main ingredient? Try some vegan quiche, French toast, or chocolate mousse.

Seriously, look at how sad the egg industry is anyway:

Caged hens in factory farm

And look at how delicious the egg-free, tofu-scramblin’ industry is:

Eating a tofu scramble breakfast

Comment below with what you like to eat instead of chickens’ periods.


PS – I was going to include a disgusting “chicken period” image that my friend Joel made in this blog, but I decided to spare you all from throwing up your last two meals. You’re welcome.

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