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Posted June 24, 2011 by peta2 staff

As you know, we recently launched our big summer campaign—Flesh is for Zombies! To go along with the games and super cool stuff we’re offering online, we also have some killer new merch.

One design in particular came from our ridiculously awesome friends over at peta2 Germany. They teamed up with Perfidy Clothing to create this wicked tee that perfectly drives home the point that only zombies should be eating flesh and guts! Check out what Perfidy Clothing had to say about the design and wanting to work with peta2.

What lead you to the decision to donate the Perfidy “Zombie” Shirt (Design) to this year’s summer campaign?

Since we already worked together with peta2 Germany, our decision to donate a design to peta2 America was a very very easy one for us. Let me put it this way: one family! 😉

What made you think about animal rights in the first place?

We think everyone should think more about animal rights in general, e.g. wearing fur is simply a disgusting thing to do if you ask us. If you really dig the look, there is really cool fake fur available for which no animals needed to be tortured and killed. We think that people simply don’t consider animal rights enough and therefore find it great that PETA and peta2 stand for activism and the marketing of animal rights to the broad public. We really salute you for this!

Describe Perfidy Clothing, its style and message in a nutshell.

Perfidy is flashy, colorful and simply rad. We try to produce shirt designs that have both a funny but also thoughtful effect. Also it’s important to us that our shirts are Fair Trade and free of harmful substances.

What’s your favorite vegan food?

Right now asparagus is in season here in Germany and there’s nothing better than fresh asparagus for us!

Of all the major animal rights issues are there any issues that are a particularly close to your heart?

We would love it if the broad public and the media would pay more attention to all of those animal rights topics! We think that those topics sadly just don’t get enough coverage and thought out there. Also people unfortunately tend to forget again really quickly. Topics like factory farming simply mustn’t be ignored!

If someone would ask you where one can get information about animal rights and how to get involved, what would you tell them?

We would advise them to check out to get all the info one needs in order raise their awareness about animal rights!

Big thanks to peta2 Germany and to Perfidy Clothing for hooking us up with that design. You can find that tee plus lots of other awesome designs at the peta2 tent on Warped Tour all summer long, so be sure to stop by and check it out!




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