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Animal Crush Videos

Started by FuckAnimalAbuse

3 1 year ago
My dad is giving me a hard time with my choice to be vegan! help :(

Started by RavenDarkeve

5 1 year ago
Difference between vegetarian and vegan?

Started by Anneliese14

4 1 year ago
i feel like im a bad person.

Started by avaclarke

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8 1 year ago
*Need this answered quickly* PLEASE

Started by empoweredvegetarian22

2 1 year ago
Street Team Points

Started by jazzybeearr

1 2
8 1 year ago
Horse Training or Cruelty

Started by agirlnamedhillary

4 1 year ago

Started by VGGLeader01

3 1 year ago
I've had a change of heart

Started by Doingit4Dash

3 1 year ago
Aug 3...Happy National Watermelon Day!

Started by alexblue

1 1 year ago
How can I persuade my friends to adopt not buy?

Started by empoweredvegetarian22

3 1 year ago
Pokémon does not Prompt Animal Abuse

Started by Igorthemeateatingmii

4 1 year ago
Natural flea and tick remedy?

Started by crystallinegodslayer

3 1 year ago

Started by emmycolby

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9 1 year ago
Android App

Started by tesshilz

2 1 year ago
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