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how do I get all of the badges?

Started by klplove

9 2 months ago
I want your ideas!!

Started by ifyouwantedhonesty

8 2 months ago
PETITION: Stop Hunting Bears with Bows and Arrows

Started by Sabrina08

2 2 months ago
PETITION: Ban Fur Farming in Canada

Started by Sabrina08

2 2 months ago
PETITION: Support Rescuing Abused Circus Animals

Started by Sabrina08

2 2 months ago
PETITION: Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Korea

Started by Sabrina08

2 2 months ago
Oh how I love thy taste of cheese.

Started by NoxxiWasHere

3 2 months ago
I can't stop thinking about pizza.

Started by d15d18a

7 2 months ago
Let’s Found A Vegan Group!

Started by CammySuki

1 2 months ago
Effects of Factory Farming in America

Started by carlyspina

2 2 months ago
New Feral Justice

Started by jffranz

3 2 months ago
Support BUAV's Animal Testing Ban Thunderclap Project

Started by TeeterDance

2 2 months ago
PETITION: Before honey bees are extinct

Started by Sabrina08

3 2 months ago
Say no to kangaroo meat

Started by LittleLotte

1 2 months ago
Petition - give MAX sentence to the man who stabs dog to death

Started by veggiegirl22

4 2 months ago
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All animal emergencies (injured, stray, neglected, abused, etc) should be reported to our Emergency Response Team, not posted on the Boards.

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