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PETITION: Dog thrown from car!

Started by LittleLotte

2 3 months ago
Take Action for Sea Turtles! 6 Ways Your Vacation Kills Sea Turtles.

Started by espop23

4 3 months ago
The "Killing Animals is the Same thing as Killing Plants" Argument

Started by nannerjunkies

6 3 months ago
Help stop monkeys being imported from U.S. to Sweden in animal experiment!

Started by TeeterDance

2 3 months ago
Make it a legal requirement to stop and report it if you run over a cat!

Started by LittleLotte

2 3 months ago
Check out the new items in the peta2 store!

Started by Rachelle-O

6 3 months ago
family, money and veganism

Started by fluffykitten

4 4 months ago
Hug A Vegan Day!

Started by Emilyr

6 4 months ago
Please help me tweet at Marks and Spencer for badgers!

Started by TeeterDance

4 4 months ago
How to switch to vegan shoes

Started by Kika

7 5 months ago
How do i transform my family into vegans!!!

Started by VeggieJoe

6 5 months ago
Vegan Black Hair Dye?

Started by emmejo

3 5 months ago
PETITION: Leave Sharks Alone in North Carolina

Started by Sabrina08

3 5 months ago
If Seaworld closes what will happen to the animals?

Started by Fit4Life111

5 5 months ago
Switch to vegan

Started by dominiquealexis

4 5 months ago
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