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Wrong dog euthanized

Started by bkwasnik

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10 2 years ago
Fur :(

Started by cetrimide

2 2 years ago
Petition to Outlaw Carriage Horses in Victoria, B.C.... Please Sign! :)

Started by EveLansink

2 2 years ago
Sign This Petition

Started by Dagmar

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8 2 years ago

Started by haleyc923

6 2 years ago
For My Hug A Vegetarian Day

Started by CarolineS

1 2 years ago
Health magazine promoting cow's milk

Started by foodcancercampaign

5 2 years ago
Online and offline activism

Started by taliah

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14 2 years ago

Started by ashley.daugherty.509

3 2 years ago
Feeding Your Dog (or cat) Food with meat? How do you feel about it?

Started by Fit4Life111

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41 2 years ago
Sign Please !! About dogs

Started by NicoleLynne

1 2 years ago
Save Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles!

Started by tofumonster

3 2 years ago
School project

Started by CrystalCason

3 2 years ago
What happened to the wallpapers?

Started by firefly2552025

2 2 years ago
Vote so that my local shelter can win some money!

Started by Landhermie

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12 2 years ago
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