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The Holidays

Started by olivialanae

2 1 day ago
Lots of great links!

Started by LittleLotte

5 1 day ago
Farewell PETA

Started by IamnotanuggetAlexandra

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8 1 day ago
getting serious with change

Started by jaycigomes

1 2 days ago
Friends wanted...

Started by dragonfly95

6 3 days ago
Dating a Carnivore

Started by samanthalynn93

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10 5 days ago
Respences to "Why are you vegan?"

Started by animallover19

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16 5 days ago

Started by blahissues

3 1 week ago
Is your garden animal friendly?

Started by LittleLotte

6 2 weeks ago
Support the Arts!!!

Started by Helena8664

9 3 weeks ago
10 Scary Halloween Costumes Only Vegans Will Understand

Started by LittleLotte

4 3 weeks ago
Hello everyone! A few questions and stuff.

Started by Faexya

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12 1 month ago
PC for 'Pets'

Started by LittleLotte

5 1 month ago
Wool in school uniform

Started by 4455kkol

3 1 month ago
Hunting seasons opening

Started by hunterofdeer123

2 1 month ago
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  • ash68

    Hey i'm Ashley and I love the beatles and the monkees. I love to read and Iove history. I love all animals. I want to go all over the world. I have two dogs and a cat. I live with my parents. I believe God and Jesus.

  • pannabear


  • meowmiskers

    I was raised eating meat, but I always had a love for animals. I had farm animals that my family and I would help take care of. At age 12 I went vegan because I knew that cows, pigs, and any other animals only want love and compassion.

  • redfishtwofish

    I'm a proud dog mom married to a cool guy. Current vegetarian, working on becoming vegan.

  • 2014arianna

    Hey I'm Ari. I'm vegetarian. I have an amazing girlfriend whose name is Tay. College freshman. Graphic Designer. 18 years old. I love everything about animals and would do everything for them.

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