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    Over a year ago

    This is a vent, because no one I know in real life can truly understand how much seeing this affected me… Do not feel obliged to read.

    So, I was at the fair today, and I stopped by the 4H barns to visit my friend, who was showing her rabbit, and on my way back I got a bit turned around and wound up in the beef cow barn. These cows were raised to be auctioned off by the inexperienced hicks in my town who don’t care about anything except tractors and girls. These cows were not ever shown an inkling of kindness. I walked through, stunned at all the beautiful and peaceful eyes looking back at me that just wanted to be my friend. I pet them and scratched them behind their ears and tried to give them words of comfort. I met one cow in particular, which I named Blondie, but in the 4H barn he was known as Bull207. He sniffed my and looked into my eyes, and I saw that it looked like he had been crying. I know that it may have been anything, dust, irritation… but it broke my heart. He leaned into me and laid his head on my stomach as comfortably as he could, because he had a very short length of rope tying him to the wall that he had likely been staring at all day. And so I sang to him, his ears flicked up to listen to me, so I know he heard me. I got so many weird looks, singing to a beef cow in my “Eat No Cow” shirt. I don’t understand why I’M the weird one when THEY are the ones murdering a living creature and eating its flesh. I know things like this happen with factory farms every day… but it’s so horrid, and sad, to see a cow lay in your lap, looking you in the eyes, and knowing that by the end of the week it would be dead. No more than wasted leftovers from last nights dinner. But I don’t know what else to do, I can raise awareness, but nothing is going to save the cows in that 4H barn…

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    Over a year ago

    Thank you for your support in this everyone.. :) You are all lovely people. It’s nice to have people to feel sad with in a world that doesn’t see any reason to be upset. <3

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    Over a year ago

    That was really touching, you are brave to stand up for this cow, and comfort it, believe me, I know that stuff is really hard. I live in a beef county, and I guess it’s a little better than factory farming, but not much. (A lot of people I know use the farms to justify eating meat, but it still doesn’t justify destroying the life of an intelligent being, obviously) I hate seeing the trailers going to the slaughterhouse one county over, it makes me cry. Thank you for venting, it’s good to feel together with someone on this.

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    Over a year ago

    Your words were so touching. I saved a line or two from this..
    This sucks so much.
    I recently realized that there is a slaughterhouse in my city
    I’ve never been super close to farm animals
    I’ve only passed by on the freeway or something seeing cows with those yellow tags in their ears… I wish there was more we could do..
    save animals.. all of them..
    but the truth is they’re dying right now

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    Over a year ago

    last year when I went to the fair mostly just to drive and take my little sister and her friends I wounded up at one of the cow barns. If you actually walk through the cow barns all you see is the cow butts. So I went on to the outside corner of one and started petting one of the cows and he was licking me. I stood there for like over an hour just petting this cow and letting it lick me.

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    Over a year ago

    I definitely hear where your coming from. I live in South Carolina where that sort of thing happens so often and when I try bringing up issues on animal rights most people laugh it off like I’m trying to tell a dark joke. We can’t give up though, because if we do who will save the animals?

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