• A fundraising vegan picnic for Animal Freedom.

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    Over a year ago

    8 July at 12:00 at Fernhill Heath, Worcester UK

    Animal Freedom is a not-for-profit organisation entirely funded by its activists. In order to continue and develop upon their activism they vitally need funds to help pay for educational materials (educational literature, vegan food samples, placards for vegan demonstrations, web design etc) and the cost of attending and holding events (vegan festivals, pride events, film screenings, sanctuary fundraisers).

    The Bring & Share Picnic will be a chilled and enjoyable day for all! Bring along some vegan food to share (sweet or savoury or both!). There is a suggested donation of £2.50 for entry and you will be provided with a refreshment (tea/coffee/juice) and something sweet!
    You can enjoy talking to others and also learn more about the work Animal Freedom do. They will be setting a stall up on the day which will give people an insight into their work. A raffle will also be held during the event with some excellent prizes!

    For information on where exactly the event is being held please message Animal Freedom who will provide you with further details.

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