• A question about Parakeets.

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    Over a year ago

    I have a question that needs an answer so here is the story so far.
    My eldest sister is not good with animals and so I took her Parakeet to my grand mother to save the poor animal from horrible cage conditions as well as not being starved.
    We were all to believe that the Parakeet was a boy, well we were sure surprised this morning when an tiny little nickle sized egg was in the bottom of the cage.
    Elvis is a girl!
    So now I am in seek of finding her a beau. I had already planned with a friend to have a female friend for Elvis but that plan has fallen through.
    Can anyone tell me what I am to do and how I am to find Elle a beau with out having to go to a pet store? If not answered soon then monday I am to go to the pet store to find Elle a male friend.
    Do not worry about space, she has a very large cage I clean every two days and I even allow her to free fly in the closed room which has lots of landing space for her.
    I am just worried that all that space with no other Parakeets will make her sad, she does seem to be a rather angry bird and likes to bite if you are to close and are not giving her attention.
    What am I to say? Elle is a Diva.

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