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    Over a year ago

    Hello & happy Monday everybody! 🙂

    What I want to quickly share my opinion on today is some of peta2’s new missions. For the most part, I think they’re great, and I understand that peta2 wants to present the facts in a shocking and radical way. However, I’m afraid that some people might be turned off a bit by the presentation. I know, I know, it’s impossible to dress up animal cruelty, and that’s not what I’m suggesting. My critique has more to do with some of the language and wording, such as these examples:

    What revenge is sweeter than kicking some animal-abusing ass on peta2′s new game, Cage Fight?

    . . .what humans do to animals is f@#ked up!

    I believe that shock value can be good, great even! On the other hand, this kind of language may come across as an attack on the listener (or reader). I even AGREE with you guys, but sometimes I even feel a bit threatened. It’s a good thing to factually and maturely articulate your anger toward a group or activity, but it’s quite another to be consumed by it, and that’s not what I want for peta2. Anger should be used a tool to help us remember why we do what we do, but that’s where it needs to stop.

    Thank you guys for listening to me ramble a bit, and please don’t feel like I’m bashing! I support so much of what peta2 does and is about, and I just want to help find the best possible way to spread our message.

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