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    Over a year ago

    So I know this has nothing to do with animal rights but I wanted the opinions from fellow vegans and vegetarians on this. What do you think about abortion? I am 100% pro-life and because I know many of us support the idea of life preservation for all walks of life, I am interested to know how you feel about this matter.

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    Over a year ago

    I am pro-choice, but I am fully against the idea of using abortion as a form of birth control – if that makes sense.
    There are many medically necessary reasons to have an abortion. Also, in cases of rape, I think if the woman gets pregnant, she should be allowed to have an abortion if she chooses. And I wouldn’t hold it against someone if they took precautions against pregnancy, such as condoms or the pill – if they were actually being responsible in trying to prevent pregnancy.
    However, when people use no protection whatsoever, and are being promiscuous, I think abortion is a very irresponsible decision, and I don’t approve – but I would never say that they shouldn’t be legally allowed to have an abortion.
    It’s not my place to push my beliefs onto other people, especially if it could directly affect their life.
    Whether abortion is legal or not, people will still have them – I’d rather the people who choose to have them, be able to have them done in a safe environment.

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  • Profile photo of lizforanimalrights16

    Over a year ago

    I am personally also against abortion and pro-life. I don’t believe abortion is acceptable because it’s cruel, immoral, inhumane, and murderous. I don’t believe in killing animals for human benefit in the same sense, I don’t believe in killing baby humans simply for their benefit. Unless it’s for medical reasons, abortion in my opinion, is simply unacceptable and immoral.

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  • Profile photo of teatowls

    Over a year ago

    I support abortion for a long list of reasons but put simply it give gender equality and is a bodily right to all women. Without it, it forces “the unwilling to bear the unwanted” and what do you think would happen then?

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  • Profile photo of emiefluff

    Over a year ago

    Personally I don’t support abortion but that’s just my opinion. I just think its unfair to kill something that is a basically just a very small human.

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