• About To Quit Veganism

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    Over a year ago

    I may be a little old for this site, but I’ve got nowhere else to turn sometimes… Now, I have been on a vegan diet for years. Since going vegan I have noticed some very unpleasant changes with my body. It has now gotten to the point where I am considering going against my beliefs and abandoning the diet. Here is a list of some of the problems:

    – Bloating and gas. This gets bad quite often. Not only do I feel gross, I am constantly in heaps of pain. I have even thought of going to the ER several times because it hurts that bad. It also keeps me locked inside for the majority of my day, every day. Vegan anti-gas pills do nothing for me.

    – Skin issues. This one is horrible. It has really taken it’s toll on me emotionally. Bad acne, lots of scars, very dry skin that burns when I sweat, etc. I am sick of covering myself up because of it.

    – Diarrhea. Is it normal to have constant, odorous diarrhea on a vegan diet? Well, I have it!

    – Mysterious injuries. I keep getting random injuries to my muscles and things. It’s mostly sprains, cramps, and bruises, with no explanation. An MRI last Spring showed two severe tears in my shoulder (still got ’em).

    – Weakness. I go to a gym several times a week and have worked with a trainer (who turned out to be a vegan bodybuilder). Still, I cannot seem to tone up well and feel weak while my friends, who do not work out and eat whatever they please, have all kinds of energy/strength.

    – Poor appetite. Although I avoid them, all I really crave anymore is sweets. I am hungry all the time, but seeing other vegan food makes me feel sick, literally. I now only manage to eat a few bites in one meal before feeling full/sick – like my body is telling me to eat those things not in my diet.

    – Depression. It’s getting bad, and these problems don’t help at all. They are ruining my social life as well as me moving ahead in my life.

    Sorry for the long post, but that’s just the basics of it. Hopefully someone out there in PETA land can give me some advice, as I have tried so much with zero results. This is basically my last attempt for any kind of hope. Sure, I love animals and hate what some people do to them, but honestly, should I suffer so they won’t?

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    Over a year ago

    These things could easily be related to what you’re eating, but it’s highly unlikely that -veganism- is what’s causing them. It’s more likely an allergy, or vitamin/mineral deficiency. There are also a great number of health problems that could be causing these things. I would suggest seeing a doctor, and maybe having some blood work done.

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    Over a year ago

    @StickyMike You need to try new foods and add variety to your diet. Try sweet but healthyish things, such as clif bars to satisfy your sweet cravings. Start taking Vegan multivitamins, such as DEVA or Veglife. Try some Vega brand protein powder to help with workouts. Make sure to get enough protein, carbs and fats. Try adding them throughout the day to see if you meet your daily values. For protein, try eating tofu instead of beans. Go to vegan restaurants sometimes. As for the random injuries, those probably have nothing to do with your diet as long as you eat healthy. I am a serious athlete, and what you’re describing sounds like you aren’t warming up and cooling down properly. Make sure to start slow, then stretch AFTER warming up. Don’t end with something intense. Slow it down again at the end and then stretch to finish up. Another reason for the injuries is you’re not getting enough electrolytes. Get propel and drink half a bottle during and after exercise. Trust me, eating animals will just make this worse. You could be allergic to soy or something.

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    Over a year ago

    Hi @StickyMike,

    This could be a result of some specific things that you’re eating, maybe something you’re allergic to. We recommend you go see a nutritionist or a doctor about this. He or she will be able to advice you on how to adjust your vegan diet and help you get better.

    Hope you feel well soon! 🙂

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    This might not be your diet at all, or you could be missing out on some vital things you need with your diet. I’d suggest seeing a specialist and maybe being tested for some stomach and intestinal issues. Try getting some jojoba oil and rubbing a little bit on your skin where it’s dry. It’s the closest oil to the kind your skin produces naturally and I personally use it and it helps me a whole lot. It sounds like your health needs to be addressed immediately though, if you call your family doctor and explain your problems they should be able to refer you to a specialist. I hope you figure it all out and get better!

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    Over a year ago

    Have you taken this list of symptoms to your doctor? They all could be due to something other than your diet.

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