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    Over a year ago

    In my school every senior has to do an action project of our choice. sine most of the time students pick action project that mainly only affect people in the community i wanted to do mine on raising awarness for animals and the rights that they have and the obligation people need to realize they have when they adopt or buy a pet. how ever there are several aspect of the project. one that requires having some type of community event. I wanted to know if i could get ideas on what the most important issues are so i can include those into my project. It would be very helpful thank you. -Janelle

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    Over a year ago

    Good luck with your project!

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks soo much!! nd its a senior action project every senior at my school picks an issue about the community that needs improvement or awareness and we expand it like creating community events stuff like that. Since theres very few no kill shelters here thats an issue and all the animal shelters are crowded and there’s a lot of animals every where and most people don’t spay or nuture their pets, theres just a lot of things. all this info really helps!!! The teachers really let us take the lead on this project so any help on ideas or info would be awesome!!! 🙂

    – Janelle Michel

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    Over a year ago

    Not sure what you are asking here. What type of community event should you or can you do? or just important issues that deal with pets?

    I think your asking about the issues I’d say you could include

    Adopting – and how you can adopt all types of animals
    Mutts – how animals that aren’t pure bred are just as good if not better (breedism etc)
    Spaying and Neutering
    How Breeders are Irresponsible – even if they are good they are letting shelter pets die
    Puppy Mills and Pet Suppliers behind Pet Stores
    Not leaving animals in the Car – especially in extreme weather
    taking your pets to the vet
    outside dogs – if they do currently have dogs or animals outside still giving them enough proper care like a dog house etc.
    hoarding – only take in as many animals as you can actually care for
    volunteering – even if they can’t have animals or as many as they want they can always volunteer at shelters, rescues, or other animal organizations
    commitment – adopting an animal should mean you are with them for life not until whenever etc
    pet abuse – how you shouldn’t yell at or hit or otherwise abuse your animals and if you see someone else doing it what you should do and who you should contact etc or maybe even a bit about dog fighting
    lost and found pets – advice on what you should do if you lose one of your pets or find someone elses and the importance of micro-chipping mostly for breeds that are likely to be stolen and resold etc
    death of a pet – maybe how to cope with euthanizing a pet or a pet dying naturally and also after a period of time the joy adopting another animal can bring as some people feel it is mean to adopt another animal or “move on” or that they won’t live up to the other animal or maybe remind them to much of another animals
    local laws or rules – about leashes, licenses, picking up poop etc.
    exotic pets – why it is generally bad to own them
    living with animals – just the general stuff about cat or dog doors, fresh food and clean available water, plenty of toys or things to keep the animal busy
    cages or crating – the proper use or if they should ever be used, or maybe proper cages and tanks for the smaller animals
    companionship and compatibility – if there isn’t going to be humans around most of the time the importance of other companion animals as well as testing compatibility with your other animals or children etc.

    Those are just some ideas I don’t even know all what I listed lol I could probably think of more but I’m sure that gives you some ideas to start off with

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