• Admin: Bunny Butcher proof?

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    Over a year ago

    Hey, guys! I posted the Lady Gaga “born this way/died this way” infographic on FB and this guy I know (who happens to believe in all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories) doesn’t believe the bloody photo. He says they’d never risk getting blood on the white fur. Do you have video of this? If not, how do you suggest I respond? Video is always best, in my experience. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Over a year ago


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    Over a year ago

    This video shows some of the living conditions in the fur industry dedicated more to fox and mink:
    This is related to rabbits:

    I could not find a video that focused on the butchering of rabbits but blood washes out, that really is not a huge concern (Think of if you ever hurt your head at it bleed and how the blood washes out of your hair fairly easily). Though some animal activists have spray painted seals in order to ruin their coats for the fur industry, blood would most likely wash out (not to mention they often bleach and tan furs after).

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