• Animal Abuse Must Not Be Tolerated! Don't Go To This Fair!

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    Over a year ago

    I’d like to bring this alert from PAWS to everybody’s attention.
    I sent the following…

    Attn: Board of Directors and CEO Sandy Woods
    Re: Have Trunk Will Travel
    We have learned of the Board’s decision approving Have Trunk Will Travel’s contract for the Nevada County Fair via the Performing Animal Welfare Society and KTXL.
    All we can say is:
    -Shame on the board for such an unenlightened decision, especially in light of the overwhelming evidence that HTWT abuses the elephants.
    -Not only will we not be attending the Fair, but we are also cancelling all plans to travel to Nevada County and pulling support for any businesses in the County unless and until the Board reverses this decision.
    This is not a trivial matter. Animal abuse cannot be tolerated or encouraged. I am sharing this information, the video and the news story with my colleagues and friends.
    Please reconsider your decision and restore my faith that Nevada County is a progressive leader in humanitarian and animal rights affairs.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    PETA peoples…please contact the board (copy my letter if you want) and let them know their decision is not okay!

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    Over a year ago

    Can do!

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  • Profile photo of juliettewest

    Over a year ago

    I think everyone should write to the board and educate them about the cruelty and danger involved in elephants working in entertainment. They most likely are unaware of the abuse they are supporting by hiring Have Trunk Will Travel, so telling them might help them to change their decision. Also, they need to understand that having elephants around a crowd of people puts everyone in danger. I’m sure the board cares a lot about the safety of their fair!

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  • Profile photo of Jasmine-lee

    Over a year ago

    Thanks for this post ! I’m definitely writing to them ! When I watched the video my teeth were clenched the whole time!! I wish the elephants would just stomp on those people ! lol !

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