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    Over a year ago

    This summer Animal Aid is touring Great Britain with a converted ambulance, which we are calling the Meat Wagon. We’ll be showing a film which has been put together from our recent undercover investigations at British factory farms and slaughterhouses. The film is short and powerful and asks: If you knew the truth, would it make a difference? We are hoping that people will watch the film and want to get more information on going vegetarian and vegan.

    You can find out more about the tour on the dedicated website:

    If it’s in a town near you then you can volunteer to hand out leaflets and talk to members of the public. Please contact Carol Backler by phone 01732 364546 ext 229, or by email .

    Thank you!

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    Over a year ago

    I helped out in Middlesbrough today and it was brilliant – we encouraged at least one person not to go into KFC and lots of people took leaflets and had a chat with us 🙂

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