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    Over a year ago

    Hey everyone. I was sitting here perusing the boards with my cat Takoda on my lap, and I started to wonder about everyone else’s companions. What are their names? How did they come into your life? What makes them special? That kind of thing. Anyone willing to share?

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    Over a year ago

    Oh gosh, I have quite a few animals, haha. We have 6 cats, there’s Meka, Flower, Coco, Fluffy, Gizmo and Cosmo. Meka was brought home by my brother, one of his friend’s cats ha kittens and he took her. My brother went away for a job, so I started taking care of her, and we got totally attached. Meka is like my baby, I love her in that kind of way, haha.
    Flower was a stray that wandered up to our house a long, long time ago. She has to be the most mellow, non aggressive cat I’ve ever met, she even lets her self get pushed out of her food dish. We took her in, but didn’t know she was pregnant. We ended up keeping two of the kittens, Fluffy and Coco.
    Fluffy is total gentle giant. He’s overweight(we’re working on it!) so his name fits, he’s like Flower, he’s non aggressive, except, he’ll push flower out when it comes to food.
    Coco is a really pretty cat, but kinda bitchy. She’s the ruler of the house, and if she doesn’t get her way, there’s hell to pay. It’s really cute though, she snuggles with flower all the time.
    Gizmo was a stray that wandered up to my brother in laws house, they couldn’t keep her, so my oldest brother offered to take her. She didn’t get along with his cat, so they couldn’t keep her either. My other brother took Gizmo and then we found out that she’s declawed on all 4 paws, and had un treated hyperthyroidism, so she was missing teeth and just not in good health. We figure that the people who had her before no longer wanted her and dumped her over in that neighborhood.
    Cosmo is another treat from my brother -.- He’s pure white and has a face meant for horror movies when he hisses. All I can say is, I’m pretty sure he’s Satan. I’ve never met a more evil cat.

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    Over a year ago

    All of the cats I’ve had have either been, rescues, found abandoned as kittens, unwanted, dropped off at my house scared, friendly feral cats, or taken from a newspaper ad. The two I have now qualify for the last choice on the list. We seen them listed as kittens but when we picked them up, they were close to a year old already. We were only planning on taking one but since they are brother and sister we didn’t want to separate them. They were already fixed and had shots. They came from a nice UK family who were in the process of moving and I guess they couldn’t take the cats with them. They seemed attached to the cats and we assured them that they have a good home with us.

    Three years later we still have them (of course) and they are the best cats ever. Their names are Lilo and Simba. Those were their original names and I didn’t think to change them since they answered to those names already. And their personalities seem to fit them too. The sister, a tortoiseshell, is Lilo while her brother is Simba. He’s completely orange, even his eyeballs.

    They have the best temperament, meaning they’ve never growled or hissed at our two young kids who love to pick them up all the time. Lilo has become my lap cat and Simba sleeps on my pillow. My boyfriend who used to hate cats and was an adamant “dog person” loves these cats and baby-talks to them without shame.

    When we move, you bet we’re taking them with us.

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  • Profile photo of tofumonster

    Over a year ago

    My boyfriend and I have quite a few animals. We have six cats; Sable (aka Baby), Penelope (aka Penelepuke or Penelepoo because she had a problem keeping her food down and has a dirty butt smh), Velvet (aka Velvetish, who has recently gone missing ): we think because of our dog), Tybalt (aka Tybbie or Fat Cat because he is hhhuuggee), and Grey Thomas and Orange Thomas (our ferrals who at most times hate to be touched). All of our cats are outside/ inside cats, but more outside since it’s summer. We have two bunnies. One of them, June, I had for six years before meeting my boyfriend and she is quite feisty lol. Then to keep her company we got Choco, who is almost the opposite of her; He’s pretty timid and thumps whenever my boyfriend goes into their room. Lastly we, well more his mom, recently got a year and a half old pit mix named Romper, who is a complete lunatic haha. Also, of course all of our animals are rescues. Romper was actually going to be killed the next day if we hadn’t said we’ll take him ): On facebook you can search Urgent: Death Row Dogs. These are all dogs who are going to be killed because they’re at a kill shelter and weren’t adopted. Mostly all of them are in perfect health and if you want you can just foster them to save them from being killed until someone else adopts them. I believe there’s a cat one as well.

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    Over a year ago

    I have a bunny named Ava, we’ve just got her about a month ago and she’s slowly getting used to us. I’m also fostering a dog named Dora (no, not like the explorer.) and she’s amazing!

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    Over a year ago

    i has a cat name muchie and i found him on the street. i fell in love with him when i took him in my arms when he was a kitty. he was homeless and it was raining i saw him coming up to me and i took him. since this day i love him he keeps me safe in my home when I’m by my self in the house he meows when there someone at the door. he also makes me happy when I’m down and he very playful. he always puts a smile on my face.

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