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    Over a year ago

    I really want to start an animal rights group at my school!
    I’m nervous though, because I’m a freshman at this high school, and they may say no. My friend says we should just do a local one, but I think that’d be harder. I’ve read through the starter kit thing, and I’m really wanting to do it. My problem is, I have no one on my side with helping it. Also, I’d like to be the leader (since I’m creating it and I have all of you on my side!) but I’m scared they wont let me be, or let me do how I want it. I have it perfectly imagined in my head, but I’m scared it wont happen. Anyhoos, if you have any tips on talking to my school, getting people to join, names for it, etc. please tell me! I’m thinking of naming it “ROAR- Reaching Out for Animal Rights” since our mascot is tigers.. Anyways, thanks for the help!

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