• Animal Rights in Junior High?!

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    Over a year ago

    So I’ve decided that after 3 years of being an Animal Rights/ PETA supporter, It was about time to go ahead and decide to become Vegan AND an activist because I want to spread the word about animal rights. Problem is, I’m not sure if my school will allow me passing out these type of things because I’m in Junior High. I tried seeing what PETAKids has to offer, but It’s a bit to Juvenile for my grade (7th Grade). I’m also considering asking to start an Animal Rights group in my school.
    Another problem is I’m so shy. I’m so timid and quiet when it comes to talking to someone of a higher position than me. I also fear rejection from my school or the Student body. I just want to do something to help the Animal Rights movement.
    Advice or tips that could be useful in terms of starting a group and getting over my shyness would be more than appreciated! 🙂

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