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    Over a year ago

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m trying to improve the animal rights group on my campus. We recently had a like club awareness day and a good amount of people came in so I need to have a good impression for the club for the first meeting. I wanted to get some opinions

    Should I show a video the first day
    it would be a real short video that just opens up the topic about what activists are fighting for and why.
    If anyone has any good suggestions
    I would like the video to be short, not TOO graphic…., and try to cover up a overview of various issues or the general idea.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @CarolineS! It’s a great idea to show an inspiring video the first day! I’d go searching to find you the perfect one, but my speakers suddenly self destructed a couple of days ago. Going off of memory alone.. I think this video might suit your needs (if not, I’m terribly sorry).


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