• Animal Sacrifice

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    Over a year ago

    opinions on animal sacrifice for religious beliefs? (this goes further than satanism before anyone says anything like that)

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    Over a year ago

    Satanists don’t sacrifice animals, neither do Wiccan and Paganist. Satanists beliefs include nothing about animal sacrifice, and Wiccans/Pagans RESPECT nature and only kill animals for food purposes and thank the gods and showing respect to the animal.

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    Over a year ago

    Things like animal sacrifice come into play when human consciousness is at a very low level. Religion and spiritual practices adapted these methods as early as 2000 BC. And it spans through a vast array of cultures and ancient tradition: Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Mayans, Aztecs, Germanics, and evan as early as the Sumarians!

    In human history man has always found it imperative to try to please the Devine, and through confusion and carnal nature came the notion that offering the life of an animal would please this higher power. It could have been as easy as the placebo effect: “we killed the animal now things seem to be better” when really all that changed was the optimism of the worshiper. Perception is a powerful thing! But in today’s world and with evolved consciousness we see that it is silly to believe that animal sacrifice benefits us in any fashion. Same goes for using this ancient practice out of tradition, we know better and we as a collective must know when to dispose of such outdated ceremony.

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    Over a year ago

    You ever hear of those cases like that one woman who drowned her kids because she thought it would save her kids from burning in Hell? The story of Isaac talks about a man who is tested by God to see if he would give up his son by sacrificing him. Anyone who does that now is either insane or ignorant. Sacrificing animals is no less crazy.

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  • Profile photo of amazonbear

    Over a year ago

    I am against it, simply because the animal does not choose to die, so I believe it is unfair to the animal.

    I remember once my Government class was debating this. Everyone was against it saying how it was animal abuse and stuff.
    Then, despite being against it, mainly just to be a troll, I decided to bring up animal slaughter, saying it was no different (except I believe animal sacrifice may even be more humane).
    Everyone started bawwing about how that was different cause we “neeed meatz to life and stufz!”
    I told them we didn’t need meat, and shot down every argument they threw at me.
    The government teacher didn’t even really care that the debate totally changed topics.
    It was pretty awesome.

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