• Animal "Welfare" Only Leads To More Exploitation: Animal Testing on the Rise

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    Over a year ago

    The Animal Scientific Procedures Act of 1986, “Regulates the use of animals in scientific experiments and ensures their use is limited to only where there is a clear potential benefit to either people, animals or the environment; and when there is no means of obtaining these benefits without animal use, or at a lesser animal welfare cost.” This act seems comforting to those who are interested in animal welfare.

    However, when paired with new statistics on animal testing released by the British home office, they
    seem troubling. 3.79 million scientific procedures were started in Great Britain in 2011, an increase of 68,100 procedures (2% over last year).

    When we entertain the idea that there are any number of medical uses for animals, we disservice them. Allowing “welfare” terms to slip their way into law only allows animals to be abused in more “regulated” ways. Know that animal “welfare” (the “kind” or “humane” exploitation of animals) is still animal cruelty! Instead of encouraging “only necessary” animal testing, we need to make it perfectly clear that animal testing is never necessary.

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    Over a year ago

    It still baffles me on why you would test human diseases on non human animals. And tbh if you are testing the toxic chemicals into shampoo and the like then why are you putting them in there in the first place?

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    Over a year ago

    Simple fact:
    Even if it would benefit humans greatly, torturing animals like this would still not be okay.
    There are some things that simply should never, ever be done, regardless of the potential payoff.

    Thanks for the info.

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