• Answer me this, people with nonveg*n partners

    Profile photo of Sagojyou

    Over a year ago

    If everyone is all veg*n and that’s important to you, why do you cook/is it okay to cook meat for your partner/bf/gf?
    I mean, if you cook veg*n meals for them all the time whenever they’re with you or eat only veg*n food, that’s no problem. But I’m saying to those of you that cook MEAT for you partner; why is that okay?
    I’ve always wondered about that. Is it because they’re your partner so they’re special and is an exception?
    I NEVER cook anything nonvegan for my boyfriend. Why? Because I’m vegan and using/cooking animal products goes against my morals.

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  • Profile photo of SkyistheLimit4x3

    Over a year ago

    Well if we cook together, it’s usually vegetarian and sometimes he adds meat to it that he separately makes or we just make separate meals. I mean as long as we eat together its usually fine

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  • Profile photo of NardaRupert

    Over a year ago

    i always cook vegan. If he wants to eat meat, he can cook it himself.

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  • Profile photo of missschizyridesthenarwhal

    Over a year ago

    My boyfriend isn’t vegan, but he’s grown amazingly accustomed to the food.

    He’s damn near vegetarian right now except for when we go to barbecues and stuff with family. The only non-vegan thing that he ever really eats when I’m around is ranch dressing or some cheese occasionally. But in general, he comes over to my house, eats my Boca chick’n and Daiya cheese and is perfectly happy with it.

    I’ve never cooked him anything non-vegan. He’s not an exception and he tells me he’s working towards veganism. When we go out to eat, if I volunteer to pay for stuff, he knows that the food he eats will have to at least be vegetarian. I could not bear to see a plate full of flesh (especially being consumed by my beloved) and know that I had funded it.

    So no, I don’t know if anyone here would consider their partners “special” enough to be unaffected by their own morals.
    For example, I love Eric with all my heart, but if he never makes the leap to veganism I know that I cannot be with him forever and I cannot have my children with him.

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  • Profile photo of CarolineS

    Over a year ago

    My boyfriend cooks meat in front of me.. :[
    But I told him I’d never make him any food that has meat in it not even a sandwhich!
    D: It’s just too gross for me. Plus, I can’t stand seeing meat get burned or grilled or what not cause I imagine like an actual animal.. :'[

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  • Profile photo of hakred

    Over a year ago

    I don’t cook anything containing animal ingredients for anyone.

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