• Answer me this, people with nonveg*n partners

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    Over a year ago

    If everyone is all veg*n and that’s important to you, why do you cook/is it okay to cook meat for your partner/bf/gf?
    I mean, if you cook veg*n meals for them all the time whenever they’re with you or eat only veg*n food, that’s no problem. But I’m saying to those of you that cook MEAT for you partner; why is that okay?
    I’ve always wondered about that. Is it because they’re your partner so they’re special and is an exception?
    I NEVER cook anything nonvegan for my boyfriend. Why? Because I’m vegan and using/cooking animal products goes against my morals.

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    Over a year ago

    It’s simple. My partner never eats animal products in my presence. On the rare occasions when she does eat meat, she does so when dining out with her friends. At home we enjoy cooking vegan meals together.

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