• Any one know of some awesome vegan meals?

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    Over a year ago

    I am trying out veganism and there are like NO foods that are vegan and the ones that are is disgusting! Anyone know of some tasty vegan meals?

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    Over a year ago

    I’m confused by that “there are no vegan foods” statement o.O
    What have you tried so far that you thought was disgusting?

    Try starting with your favorite meals and then just veganizing them. Spaghetti, for instance. Easily veganized by using meat and cheese-free sauce (Ragu has a lot of awesome flavors), and not adding meatballs.
    Make tacos/burritos with beans instead of meat, and either dont use cheese/sour cream, or use vegan versions (Daiya is a good vegan cheese, but I haven’t found a vegan sour cream I like yet, so I usually just use avocado).

    veggie stir fry is always good and easy. and cheap to prepare.

    a lot of breads are vegan, so PB and J is easy.


    if you like mushrooms, a good portabello burger is always satisfying.

    rice and veggies.

    beans and rice.

    beans and veggies.

    beans and veggies and rice lol.

    vegan sushi is the most amazing thing ever, in my opinion, if you have access to it or can make it yourself. (I still cant manage to cook rice properly so that the sushi doesn’t fall apart -.-, but we have an awesome Japanese restaurant here with vegan sushi rolls for $3).

    soups, salads, chili

    look at it as a great opportunity to really experiment with your food.

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