• Apple now selling natural/real leather iPad Smart Cases

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    Over a year ago

    Before, the new iPad Air came out, I visited Apple Store website and ordered a Smart Case. It was of polyurethane and thus I had no problem. But, now when I visited Apple Store, the Smart Cases have changed to leather with no option for other material. At the bottom, it’s written “The iPad Air Smart Case is made from natural aniline-dyed leather.” ( )

    I think that they should at least offer vegan alternatives, if not stop selling leather accessories altogether. The website further says that a portion of proceeds goes to The Global Fund to Fight Aids (!). I wrote an e-mail to The Global Fund asking them to not condone such animal cruelty. I want to ask for suggestions. What can be done to make Apple switch to faux leather or polyurethane?

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    Over a year ago

    Apple are also known for using child labour in making their products and treat the product workers horribly (overworking,less than minimal pay, etc) so forgive me if I’m a bit doubtful Apple will be all that cooperative on this matter.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @swiftie,

    Thank you so much for caring for animals. You can always urge everyone you know to send them an email asking them to stop carrying the products, and inform them on how leather is made (perhaps email a video). Or you can always start a petition. The possibilities are endless!


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    Over a year ago

    How about creating a petition? This is a great site for doing so:

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