• April 10...National Cinnamon Crescent (Croissant) Day!

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    Over a year ago

    Always superdelicious, especially on a cold rainy day, with a mug of hot almond mocha frappuccino. 🙂

    Easy Cinnamon Croissants with Icing
    From Lucinda at Vegan American Foodie in France
    refrigerator crescent rolls
    vegan margarine
    ground cinnamon
    powdered sugar (icing sugar)
    vegan milk
    vanilla extract

    Bon Appétit! Easy Cinnamon Croissants with Icing
    According to the Rules of the Interwebs, you shouldn’t post someone else’s entire recipe, only part of it with a link to the rest, unless you’ve changed the recipe up bigtime.

    A cinnamon-sugar-sprinkled version (ignore the photo)…
    Cinnamon Sugar Croissants from J.M. Hirsch via AZ Central

    You can play with the recipes all you want…before you roll you can add a plop of jam (blueberry rocks with the cinnamon!), a dusting of brown sugar or cocoa powder, a sprinkle of chopped nuts or chia seeds or sprinkelz… 🙂
    Recipes usually call for refrig’d crescent rolls or frozen puff pastry or phyllo dough. Just be sure to check the ingredients. According to PETA’s recipes and Accidentally Vegan List, these are vegan:
    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Original)
    Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry
    Athens Phyllo Dough

    What would you hide inside your cinnamon croissants?

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks! I just think that when more people know how easy and superyumful it is to be a vegan, the faster they will become one and the happier everyone (including the animals!) will be. 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    All I gotta say is, I think it’s amazing you’re sharing these recipes everyday! 😀

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