• Are there ever going to be more Club Soda Not Seals T-shirts???

    Profile photo of Elska

    Over a year ago

    I tried ordering a Club Soda Not Seals T-shirt and my order status became “refunded”, so I posted on the board ( asking what that meant and I learnt that it meant they were out of the t-shirt. Will there ever be more? I have no money to spend on a T-shirt so if I have to buy it, well, I won’t. I was saving my points FOR that T-shirt. Is there another way to get it without paying? I wish I could pay and help animals at the same time but I really can’t.

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  • Profile photo of BreakingAndrea

    Over a year ago

    I was saving up points for that shirt, and then they stopped. :/

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  • Profile photo of peta2

    Over a year ago

    Hey @Elska,

    We don’t know when we’ll be getting that T-shirt restocked, but be sure to keep checking back to our Street Team goods page for new merchandise: 🙂

    ~Annie from peta2.

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