• Are you Dead or Alive?

    Profile photo of JaskiranGulria

    Over a year ago

    You are either activist or inactivist.!!!
    Active is alive and inactive is as good as being dead, someone who has no impact on society.
    If you see something wrong and you do not have courage to stand for it or you don’t have enough resources to do something about it, at least report it, spread a word about it, form petitions. May be someone with enough courage and resource will stumble upon it and will DO SOMETHING TO FIX IT RIGHT.!!
    I am angry, I am angry on world, on people, I wonder how are they so much capable of inflicting pain on other being, A LIVING, BREATHING, HARMLESS being and I wonder how an other set coexist who witness it and finds it wrong and doesn’t do anything about it and there is one more set of people who stop or mock the people who are actually trying to fix the situation.

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  • Profile photo of teatowls

    Over a year ago

    We all help in our own ways, online or in real life, but you can never be certain how you would act until you’re in the situation so if you see an abused animal in real life or someone being extremely racist or sexist in real life you can’t be certain how you will respond to it until you are in the situation.

    You also have to take your own safety into account so even just calling the police and reporting an incident in occurrence or filming the act and getting the offenders faces will make a big difference.

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  • Profile photo of AJxx

    Over a year ago

    Some people honestly don’t know how they can help. They aren’t dead, they are just waiting. What is great though is that peta2 has great ideas in the “take action” tab for people that do want to help but want an idea of how they can.

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  • Profile photo of TeeterDance

    Over a year ago

    There are several ways people can help a cause, we got to make sure everyone knows they can help in a way that they also feel they can. Which is why taking multiple approaches depending of the situation is the best way. If you shout and be angry, that won’t work on people who are easily nervous.

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    I agree that people need to stand up and do what’s right, but sometimes it’s not as simple as having courage. People who are shy, suffer from anxiety etc.may find it extremely difficult but there are other things they can do.

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