• Ask Tesco to stop selling live turtles in China

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    Over a year ago

    Tesco is selling live turtles in their shops in China. Customers have the option of having the turtles killed on site or taking them away to be killed at home.

    They claim to have made ‘several significant improvements to the way turtles are sold in our stores, such as making sure that the turtles are kept in a cold water blend, with the temperature and humidity control shown clearly on the tank. Stringent cleaning and hygiene measures are now in place, and dedicated staff ensure that the turtles are handled, and slaughtered, to the highest possible standard’. It goes on to mention the need ‘to balance different cultural attitudes’ and to respect ‘the different traditions, expectations and values on this issue that exists in China’.

    It doesn’t matter what “welfare” they have in place, the sale and killing of live turtles is still a cruel practice.

    Please email the CEO Phillip Clarke and their customer service team

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