• August 31...Hit the Trail!

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    Over a year ago

    Happy National Trail Mix Day! Grab a giant bowl, pour in your favorite trail mix stuff, stir it up, bag it and you’ve got superhealthy eats for a week!
    Yeah it’s great for a hiking snack but it’s also superawesome for when you oversleep and miss breakfast (ummm, not me…okay, well maybe sometimes), forgot to make a lunch (ummm, not me again…okay, maybe once or twice) or just need an energy-boosting snack…definitely me!
    Tip: stash a bag in your pocket if you’re going out to an unfamiliar restaurant…if there’s nothing vegan on the menu, at least you’ve got something yumful to munch on or put on your salad. 🙂

    Trail Mix
    From PETA
    corn-puff cereal
    mini pretzels
    mixed nuts
    dried pineapple
    vegan chocolate bar
    coconut flakes (optional)

    Get the directions at Trail Mix
    According to the Rules of the Interwebs, you shouldn’t post someone else’s entire recipe, only part of it with a link to the rest, unless you’ve changed the recipe up bigtime.

    Vegan Variations…
    Easy Trail Mix from Danielle at Against All Grain
    Cinnamon Trail Mix from Denise at Pink-Vegan
    Papaya Trail Mix from April at Epicurean Vegan
    Savory Raw Vegan Trail Mix from Michelle at Feed Your Skull
    Quinoa Chivda – Savory Cereal/Trail Mix Snack from Vegan Richa
    Baked Bites…
    Trail Mix Cookies/Breakfast/Energy Bars from Laura at Vegweb
    Blueberry Trail Mix Baked Oatmeal from Lauren at The Oatmeal Artist
    My Word These Are So Good Trail Mix Cookies from rhondajean at Vegweb
    Trail Mix Cookies from Jesse at The Happy Go Lucky Vegan
    Trail Mix Cookies from Ashley at {never} homemaker
    Whole Wheat Trail Mix Scones from Karen and Katie at 2 Peas in a Blog
    Trail Mix Muffins from Victoria at Green Plate Rule
    Oven-free Treats…
    Raw Trailmix Bars from Jess at cupcakes and kale
    Raw Trail Mix Bars from Angie at Get Raw
    Trail Mix Cookies from Raw Food Betsy
    Raw Trail Mix Cookies from Michelle at Peachy Palate
    Raw Trail Mix Energy Cookies from Heidi at Food Doodles

    Most trail mix recipes are vegan-friendly…just sub in agave or syrup for honey and use vegan versions of cereals, pretzels, chocolate chips, etc.
    What’s in your mix?

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