• Bad news for stray cats

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    Over a year ago

    I live in a neighborhood in LA and i have several stray cats here. There are like 4 or 3 of us who feed the cats. Sometimes i feed them when i have food for them. My aunt knocked at my door( she lives right across my door in an apartment since shes the manager) saying that a neighbor started a petition about not having these stray kitties anymore. She really doesnt want those cats around our neighborhood( this lady lives in a house). She had asked people to sign in favor of not having these cats here no more. She had an argument with my aunt about it. I really do not want anyone taking those cats anywhere. I see them as mine even though theyre strays. Im afraid something bad is going to happen to them if they take them away. I do not know to whom is the neighbor going to give the petition too. For now, im worried about those cats. We cant have no pets here. Should i involve the police into this?

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    Over a year ago

    If you try to get the police involved, they’re just going to tell you to call animal control.
    If it’s an option, you should try to find a no-kill shelter in your area, and take the cats there – otherwise, they may be taken somewhere that will put them down.
    Either way, it’s really not safe for them to be out on the streets, especially in LA.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @luciferla,

    Thanks for caring about these cats! While you might miss the cats, they are open to many dangers living on the streets without a permanent home to go to. No cat should ever be allowed outside unattended and vulnerable to abuse, disease, and accidents. Every week, we see cats who have been shot, run over, thrown to aggressive dogs in barbaric training exercises, and otherwise endangered. Some of these cats are feral; others are members of loving families who mistakenly assume that their animal companions will be safe outside. 🙁

    Please help those cats by calling animal control to retrieve them from the dangerous streets where they are totally vulnerable to predators and disease. It’d be awesome if you decide to adopt one or some of them afterwards, of course. Our CID Department can help, so please contact them at 🙂

    Thanks again!

    ~Sara W. from peta2

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