• Bad news for stray cats

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    Over a year ago

    I live in a neighborhood in LA and i have several stray cats here. There are like 4 or 3 of us who feed the cats. Sometimes i feed them when i have food for them. My aunt knocked at my door( she lives right across my door in an apartment since shes the manager) saying that a neighbor started a petition about not having these stray kitties anymore. She really doesnt want those cats around our neighborhood( this lady lives in a house). She had asked people to sign in favor of not having these cats here no more. She had an argument with my aunt about it. I really do not want anyone taking those cats anywhere. I see them as mine even though theyre strays. Im afraid something bad is going to happen to them if they take them away. I do not know to whom is the neighbor going to give the petition too. For now, im worried about those cats. We cant have no pets here. Should i involve the police into this?

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