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    Over a year ago

    I thought that to get the ‘Grow Your Own Fur’ badge you sign the petition on the ‘Grow Your Own Fur’ website. I did that, and I didn’t get the badge. And I thought that to get the ‘Veggiesaurus’ badge you sign the pledge to try veganism and the pledge to try veganism for seven days. I did, and I didn’t get that one either. And finally, I thought that to get the ‘Animals Don’t Smoke’ badge, you sign the petition on the ‘Animals Don’t Smoke’ website, and that didn’t work, either. What am I doing wrong? Are those not the right actions? Thanks.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @phoebeanne123,

    It’s great that you’re speaking up for animals! To get a badge you need to do a couple (or all!) of the missions related to that badge. Just continue completing missions and you’ll start collecting badges. :)

    ~Annie from peta2. :)

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