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    3 months ago


    I’m writting you from Portugal.
    I know that Europe has banned tests of beauty products in animals and also banned the import of those products so does that mean I can buy all that I want not caring which brands? Bc some brands are said to use animals so I’m very confused.
    Also most of peta’s choise of beauty products aren’t sold here, any ideas of products that are sold here?

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    2 months ago

    Hi :)

    Writing to you from Ireland.
    Yes, animal testing has been banned here but the problem is that some companies still sell to China (where animal testing is somewhat compulsory before a product hits the market). For this reason, buying a L’Oreal product here for example, is funding that company to carry out animal testing.

    Also, although the product itself may not be tested on animals, the raw materials used to create the product may have been used in animal testing which are bought from other companies.

    I know, confusing. Just do your research. The PETA website is great for figuring out which companies are and are not approved :)
    I stick with Urban Decay products as they are 100% PETA approved.

    Hayley x

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      2 months ago

      Thank you .xx

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    2 months ago

    Hi there :-)

  • Well the problem at the minute is that the ingredients of beauty products are still allowed to be tested. I feel confused too because I’m sure that L’oréal and other companies still test on animals in some form. At the moment (although the bottles do not state it, which is silly!) Nivea do not test or animals, nor do Original Source for bath/shower products. But if you want make-up, then I did find this for you:

  • http://www.buav.org/article/994/portuguese-retailer-pronatural-endorsed-as-a-cruelty-free-retailer

  • This website linked to BUAV actually have a drop down list to select your country ! So here is the list for Portugal of cruelty-free brands:
  • http://www.gocrueltyfree.org/search?product-type=cosmetics&country=196
  • Hope this helps !

  • Gabby :-) xx
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