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    3 weeks ago

    I’m curious as to what everyone did with their non-vegan beauty products when they first became vegan. I’ve still been using what I already had and replacing things with vegan options as they run out. I figured it would be wasteful to throw things away, and I can’t afford to replace everything all at once. But I’ve been getting a lot of rude comments about it from some people in my life when I take a non-vegan sunscreen or something out of my purse. I’d just like to hear some thoughts and opinions from other vegans.

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a vegan curl cream I’d appreciate it so much!! I have really curly hair and I have trouble finding hair products that work for me.

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    1 week ago

    I had a ton of products that were unfortunately not vegan (or tested on animals), and I still have some of them. It takes me a while to use up makeup. But I think using them up is fine, as long as you feel okay about it. I still am using up products that were tested on animals (</3) but any makeup that had animal products in it I got rid of. Gave them away. I just don’t personally like the idea of animal parts on my face.

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  • Profile photo of themorrigan

    2 weeks ago

    I did exactly what you’re doing now. I also gave a lot of my cosmetics away to my friends seeing as I needed to make room for my new vegan items. lol As for your friends whom are non-vegan and say rude things to you, don’t listen to them. You’re doing animals a huge favor and yourself one seeing as being vegan is way healthier than eating meat. Just brush them off.

    **As for vegan curl cream I recommend Paul Mitchell’s Curl Twirl cream. (:

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    3 weeks ago

    I did the same as you, I used mine up. And I gave some of them away to friends although I told them exactly why I was giving them away (“I’ve discovered this perfume contains urea, which is animal piss, but you’re welcome to use it”).

    If the people making rude comments aren’t vegan themselves then just ignore them, you’re doing a lot more for animals than they are. If they are vegan then remind them when they first went vegan, I’m sure they had similar dilemmas.

    I barely have any hair now so I’m sorry but I can’t recommend a curl cream but hopefully someone on here can :)

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    • Profile photo of kailynmackenzie

      3 weeks ago

      I’ve given away things I don’t use much anyway, and like you said I explained why. I tend to buy several of the same product when they’re on sale so I still have a rather large supply but my collection is slowly transforming. I’m glad to know you used things up too. I feel bad using those products, but they’re already purchased. The money already went to the company and supported them, so I think it wouldn’t do any good to throw them away. I feel it’s better to use them and not be wasteful, and then just never buy those products again.

      I don’t know anyone in real life who is vegan, but I have a few vegetarian friends. Some of whom weren’t vegetarian until I went vegan and inspired them, which makes me so happy! I have a lot of family members and coworkers who think that vegan lifestyles are a joke. They’re the ones who tend to be rude about it.

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        3 weeks ago

        I’m the same – I tend to buy in bulk so I had quite a few products to use up too. Some of the completely unused stuff I managed to give away to charity. Maybe there’s a charity near you that might accept them? (places like foodbanks and homeless shelters sometimes take toiletries).

        Making witty comebacks to rude remarks gets easier the longer you’re vegan 😉

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