• Best beauty products !!!!

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    Over a year ago

    ok I wanted to tell you about my favorite cruelty-free beauty products! I use Skin by Ann Webb skincare products. They are sooooo amazing! The whole line is also vegan and all natural. You can get these products online, at Whole Foods, or at her spa. She has a spa in Austin and Los Angeles. I just got my first facial there today. My skin is glowing! The ygave me skin care tips, told me about products that were right for me, extracted, massaged, and cleansed my face- for $35.

    Glo minerals- a line of makeup and cleansers. All of their makeup protects your skin, is all natural, doesnt clog pores, and has antioxidents. I have never used a powder that compares to this. It. Is. Amazing. Try the foundation powder or the concealer. AW clinic ( mentioned above) some derms, and online stock it

    Giovanni- a line of shampoo, conditioners, face, body, and hair styling products. Where 2 buy: wholefoods, online, Most products are vegan. Natural. My favorite shampoo

    Zuzu Luxe mascara: not clumpy, makes my eyes pretty

    Pureology shamoos

    Jason Powersmile mouthwash: whitening, natural, doesnt sting( grrr listerine) not tested on animals. I also like the Jason citrus bodywash.

    Toms of maine: I like their new dry deo

    Are there any good toothpastes that are also whitening?

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    Over a year ago

    Thanks for sharing! I’d love to try some of these.

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    Over a year ago

    I wish a Whole Foods was closer to me so I could try this. 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I make some of my personal care products at home using ingredients that i already have. Toms of Maine is owned by Colgate which i think tests on animals. So im not going to buy from toms of maine. I just bought a toothpaste from them.
    You can make your own deodorant at home using baking soda( no arms& hammer i think they test on animals. You can get them at 99 cents too) , cornstarch or arrowroot , coconut oil,& essential oil ( optional) i made my own out of these and it came out good. I dont smell anymore it really controls the odors. I found the recipe in this website( there are 2 recipes i used recipe #2) :
    Just Scroll more down for recipe#2

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    Over a year ago

    I used to use Toms of Maine apricot deodorant. it smells soooooo goooooood.
    But now that I’m super broke, I pretty much make everything myself haha, deodorant included.
    I do use Clearly Natural bar soap, because they sell it at the Dollar Tree sometimes. I love the aloe kind.
    But I make my own toothpaste out of baking soda, coconut oil, and spearmint extract – it actually works AMAZINGLY well, and is super inexpensive. My teeth aren’t sensitive to cold anymore, it’s whitened them so much, and it’s actually -HEALING- my freaking cavities… which I didn’t know was possible, until I looked it up. There’s some sort of vegan calcium powder you can add to it to help rebuild them *mind-blown*, so I’m going to order some of that when I have the $$.
    Everything I make is made out of some combination of the following ingredients (or on their own):
    Baking soda
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    White Vinegar
    Witch Hazel
    Essential oils
    Tea Tree Oil
    Sea Salt
    Natural Sugar
    and various fruit and vegetables (mostly for things like face masks and hair treatments)
    Coincidentally, all of my household cleaning products are also on that list lol

    But I do use E.L.F. cosmetics.
    Except for chapstick/lip balm, which I make myself, because I spontaneously ordered like 10 lbs of shredded soy wax a couple years ago… -.-

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    Over a year ago

    I love Giovanni. I always carry their towelettes in my bag with me so that I can skip the public restroom’s non vegan hand soap. 🙂

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