• boycotting lady gaga!!!!!

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    Over a year ago

    i was reading about lady gaga saying that people who stands up for animal rights is childish piss me off. reading this got me mad because I’m not childish for doing what i love and know is right. lady gaga should talk about being childish killing animals to were as meat and fur. I’m boycotting everything lady gaga. what she said really piss me off really here the link and tell me how u fell about this

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    Over a year ago

    I agree with Octopus. The more pristine PETA is as an organization, without any scandals, the more seriously it will have to be taken. Legitimate, legal enterprises will do more at this point than harassment of offensive celebrities, which may give a moment of pride, but hurts AR’s in the end.

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  • Profile photo of Octopus

    Over a year ago

    I’m NOT sympathising with Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga. I personally despise them both but i despise even more that they can criticize Peta because innapropriate actions taken by Peta. The stupid flour bomb didn’t hurt Kim Kardashian it just made her a victim and a hero to fur wearing jerks everywhere. Now they can say, “oh peta uses animals as an excuse to throw things at people.” Kim went home got her fur coat cleaned or even got a new one and enjoyed the publicity. If instead we had organized a boycott we would have looked sensible and organized and she would have lost some cash. Now even if we do front a boycott we look petty. In responce to katytheveg Peta is more an equivalant to Green Peace NOT Sea Shepard. Sea Shepard is an under ground terrorist organization that attacks whale ships. Unless I’m wrong Peta left the tomato throwing and lab heists to other more low profile extreme organizations a long time ago. I personally think once you have a website with a board, a reward system, and regualr galas for ARA celebrities you have to accept your role as a purely political non-violent organization. I love Peta but personally i can’t continue to be part of a movement that regularly embarrases itself through violent an pathetic public action. btw thanks to MysteryMalice at least someone gets what i’m trying to say.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    She doesn’t have the right to wear whatever she wants.
    She may have a legal right to wear most things but that’s as far as it goes.
    Laws aren’t everything.
    We have many laws that we shouldn’t have and we’re lacking many laws we should have.
    No person on this planet has the right to support the unnecessary torture and murder of animals by purchasing and wearing fur.

    She’s proven time & time again that she’s not very bright.
    When she’s older and a bit wiser she’ll likely wish she hadn’t said all that.

    There’s at least a couple things to be learned from all this though:

    1. Don’t purchase Gaga’s music until she gets her head on straight. Give your money to a more deserving artist instead.

    2. It’s not always in the best interest of animals to piss off celebrities who wear fur.
    A better strategy than attacking someone like Gaga would be to send her a documentary about the fur industry along with a thank you note for wearing faux fur (regardless of whether she’s actually wearing faux fur or not).

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  • Profile photo of MysteryMalice

    Over a year ago

    I fully agree with @Octopus
    The attitude of “well we sent her letters but she didn’t listen so we are ok with throwing stuff at her” is positively primitive and ultimately juvenile. It’s like a small child who constantly asked mommy for something and didn’t get it, so started throwing its toys around.

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  • Profile photo of katytheveg

    Over a year ago

    the flour thing is just like what Sea Shepherd does throwing the rotten butter. When words dont work, they take action in a way that is not going to hurt anyone. it is just a way of getting a point across to stubborn people who wont listen to reason.

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