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    Over a year ago

    I’m just looking for suggestions. I was vegan for about two years but then I went back to eating meat for around two years. Now I want to go back vegan.

    However, my daughter has what is called a tongue tie. With that, breastfeeding and keeping my supply up is very difficult. I notice a HUGE difference the morning after I eat a ton of protein.

    She nurses all the time to make up for her inefficient latch (and when I say all the time, I’m talking at least twice an hour for 15-20 minutes each time.) I don’t have much time to eat meals which is why I haven’t stopped eating meat yet. It’s pretty much the only way I know to get a large amount of protein at one time.

    But are there any vegetables packed with enough protein that I could get around 60g in one or two sittings? Crazy amount, I know. That’s why I’m having trouble.

    I thought about going vegetarian and still eating eggs but I honestly think them killing the chickens is better than keeping them caged up for their eggs, ya know? Kind of a “they’re better off dead” (sounds cruel, but I’d rather be dead than tortured…) sort of thing.

    I’m already dairy free and in the process of going gluten free but I want to raise her vegan. Breastfeeding is not optional – I don’t like the idea of animals being tortured but I don’t eat soy and I don’t want her growing up on soy and corn syrup, so quitting breastfeeding for the sake of the animals just isn’t going to happen.

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    Over a year ago

    Nuts, soy, legumes etc all contain a lot of protein. Also you can get soy and other non dairy formulas for when little one is older.

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    Over a year ago

    you need to contact a lactation Nurse any hospital will have one and if they do not they can refure you to one.

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