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    Over a year ago

    Theres a recent news that really shocked me!!! (Amanda Todd’s story) It has been one of the most horrible things I have seen & read!!! What is happening in this world, bullying is an issue that is so common & seems that this topic is like neglected!!! Theres many heartless people out there & even more sad to know that theres lot of more people like Amanda who are suffering/suffered the way she did!!!

    I wonder why theres so many animal cruelty in this world. If most of the people dont care about each other how it can be possible that one of those individuals love & protect an animal from any harm?

    Any bullying victim, I encourage you to speak up! You arent alone, theres always going to be someone that would care. Is not the same to pass thru this alone than with someone by your side. “Union make force” <3

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    Over a year ago

    My stepdad told me that I was going to hell because of my religious beliefs and he said I had my brothers and sisters and I had evil in our hearts and so we couldn’t see my baby sisters because we would “make them like us”. I ran away to my dads house but now my stepmum is being mean about my mental disorder. I have an anxiety disorder and lately it’s gotten a lot worse under stress and I began stuttering and having really faint conscious nightmares and thinking about horrible things happening to me but them she just tells me off for crying or stuttering. It makes me feel really terrible and she wouldn’t let me see my psychologist until I literally nearly went mad. It’s really stressful and her cognitive behavioural therapy shit makes me feel really bad. She knows my worst fear is being unaccepted and being told that I’m wrong and she knows that I am SO paranoid about it [to the extent of hearing peoples conversations and my mind automatically altering it to be something bad about me] I’ve been having nightmares about being unnacepted since I was six! Wow, I type really fast when I’m emotional!

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  • Profile photo of ElsH

    Over a year ago

    You welcome Sara!!! Nobody should never feel alone *cause I believe that theres always good people that care!!!

    Thats great that you stand up for them, Awww very nice!!! ^_^ <3 It feels horrible to be alone, specially at school!!! Keep going the good work!!! You rock!!!

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    Over a year ago

    people dont understand why i’m always hanging out with “losers” and people “with no friends”. I hate bullies, it breaks my heart to see people eating alone at lunch. I know people who have litterlly said things to me like “I cant be your friend till you stop hanging out with those fags” !!! so rude. bullies need to go away, and never come back. If anyone here is being bullied, just know im and many others are here for you! :) <3

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  • Profile photo of Sara-W

    Over a year ago

    Hey @ElsH,

    Thanks for posting this! It’s good for people who are being bullied to know that they aren’t alone and that they can stand up for themselves if they need to. :)

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