• Calling all animal rights youth clubs in Canada!

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    Over a year ago

    Hi all,
    I’m starting a project called Vegetarian and Vegan Youth Alliance Canada (aka Veg Youth Alliance Canada). Basically, it’s a coalition of animal rights/vegetarian/vegan youth groups/clubs in Canada. If you have an animal rights club or are a member of one, at a youth centre, outside of school, or at school, please let me know by either posting below or e-mailing me! My e-mail address is rabbit-cat[at]vegemail[dot]com. You can see the WordPress site (in progress) at
    If you don’t have a club you are a member of right now (or you do, but you want to go further), you can become an organizer (like me) who goes around to different schools, gives presentations, and helps people start their own animal rights clubs!
    Benefits of joining:
    1. We get to share tips, resources, etc.
    2. We will get to meet once a year for a youth conference on animal rights and plant-based diets.
    3. You are still a self-governing club if your club joins. It’s a coalition of clubs, so there is no one group that controls the rest. You don’t have to change your club’s name or hand out our materials. It’s just a support system. Likewise, while the coalition isn’t part of peta2, it isn’t something to do instead of peta2, either. Peta2 clubs and other clubs can join. All are welcome!
    4. It’ll be a lot of fun.
    5. You get to help animals, the environment, and people, too!

    Ask me questions if you need clarification, please! Anything at all!

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