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    Over a year ago

    I am now a proud “owner” of what looks to be a white gerbil. He is one lucky fellow. (If said gerbil is a male.)

    Him and his poor squashed companions were found on the road by your’s truly. He had 2 other fellows with him, but alas they had been ran over before I could save them as well. Raskal I named this good man. He has obviously been in a household because as soon as I squatted down next to him he literally ran to me. Which means, some little brat got tired of him and his buddies and just let them go to be eaten by the cats. I am happy to report that he has now been adopted by my family, I still cant believe someone can just do that to a poor, innocent animal!

    Now for the actually topic….How do you care for a gerbil? I have only ever lived with dogs, fish, and lizards. I imagine that the process is much different. Thank you guys! 🙂

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