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    Over a year ago

    Is Chanel a company that’s okay to support? I saw a few things like clothing and accessories that are Chanel brand that I think are very nice and I’d like to buy, but I’m not sure if Chanel is a company you guys think is okay to support.
    Also, do they test their makeup/perfume on animals? I heard Chanel foundation is really good, and I considered maybe buying it even though it’s rather costly… But do they animal test? I saw on a few websites that the company itself says that they don’t and a few websites say that they do….

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  • Profile photo of lizforanimalrights16

    Over a year ago

    Chanel is a very expensive designer brand. That being said, Chanel does make and sell clothing that contains real fur, exotic skins, leather, wool, down, silk, pearls, etc. I also do believe that they do in fact test their beauty products on animals. Plus, Chanel is way too expensive being a designer brand. Would it be a designer/company to support if you were a animal rights activists or anti animal cruelty? Probably not. However, if you are for animal cruelty or at least, not against it, then yes, buy the make up (I’ve seen both positive and negative reviews but hey give it a try.) I personally would not buy from them especially since I don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw away into the garbage for some beauty supplies.

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