• Changed in the middle of nowhere !!

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    Over a year ago

    So lucky that they were found. This is what I pray for every night. “God please help every animal in need & get them out of situations like this” Prayers really do work. Things like this break my heart & it’s hard to sleep at night to think what happens to these poor animals. I wanna do so much more I want to do what these people do & find the animals that need help & actually rescue them !

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    Over a year ago

    There is this story where this lady shot herself & she talks about seeing hell then God tells her its not her time something like that.. there is a video you could probably google it or something yahoo it & find it or you might find stories on the same thing just different ppl. There was a really good one about this boy he had something worng with him I’ not sure what but I saw it on yahoo.. instead of talking about it he wrote his experince on note cards and showed everyone who watched his story.. he had actually died and came back to life a couple times because of what he has..but he would talk about seeing God & stuff that would be a good one to watch if you wanted too(the boy is in Heaven now though). Heaven sounds like a beautiful place and it’s ashame if not everyone gets to end up there.

    @ peace.. you should really change your username cuz thats not you. Anywhoo if you want to end up in Hell thats your choice but you are on Earth right now your not in the pain that ppl suffer when they end up there so if you do end up in Hell you won’t like it guarantee that & you will wish you were never there.

    I don’t know how exactly God works but I know God takes children that die young at an age they can’t understand what God is.. As for people who don’t know about God like have no way of finding about him God just might take them too idk.. but some day I will. But more & more people are saved everyday from everywhere missionaries go out & try to preach to the ones who have never seen a Bible b.c of where they live or whatever the case is & they are greatful for it & so am i.

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    Over a year ago

    Hell all,

    Please remember to be nice and kind to each other on the boards!

    ~Annie from peta2. :)

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    Over a year ago

    @NicoleLynne: My friends aren’t all Christian, and my closest friends aren’t Christian at all. My family is not Christian, very few important people in my life are. Even on the off chance that your religion is right, I’d rather burn in hell for eternity with the people I care about. I know your answer would probably be; “convert them”; but many of them are very dedicated to the religion or lack of religion they cherish. I wouldn’t want to be separated from them for all eternity, and the all-loving God who is deep-frying us in hell wouldn’t either. (Wait…)

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    Over a year ago

    @NicoleLynn: Again, if you didn’t read the link, if you weren’t God’s child when Jesus “came back” as they thought he was the only immortal being and was going to come back, not that he was taken up, full body, into heaven(that was added a full century after the first books were written, which were written about 40 years after he supposedly died) you didn’t burn eternally. You were just dead. You weren’t going to be tortured, there was no hell, there was nothing. You just weren’t going to be given immortality with him if you didn’t follow his teachings. You wouldn’t find “heaven” (peace within) if you didn’t follow his teachings. It wasn’t until the church began mixing elements of Helenistic mythology with Christianity that hell was developed, as a Christian version of the Greek idea of Hades.

    Also, think of the various indigenous people who have never heard of God. With your logic, every single one of them, who have never heard of the biblical concept of god, would burn eternally. That doesn’t sound like an all loving God, as you describe him. So what’s the point of following him, even if he is real? So you can live on forever? That’s pretty selfish.

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