• circus protest in Pittsburgh

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    Over a year ago

    Join us April 4th-6th to protest the Shrine circus coming to town!Circuses humiliate animals by forcing them to perform in acts that are unnatural to them and are a result of harsh training tactics to ensure compliance to training initiatives. Many of these performing animals have been torn from their families, live in small chambers, trucks and cages, and will never know what it is like to run, hunt, play with others, live in a natural environment, or do many of the other things that the circus rips them away from.

    “Animals are trained using whips, ropes, bullhooks, electric prods, and other weapons as well as food deprivation. Big cats are whipped or beaten in order to “train” them to be afraid of the trainer and not attack. When animals aren’t in training or performing, they spend most of their lives in isolation. They are chained or caged in small areas, with barely enough space for them to turn around in. Animals in captivity suffer from psychological problems because of the unnatural and stressful environment. Some common signs of this mental distress include swaying back and forward, head-bobbing, pacing, and sometimes even self-mutilation. When animals fight back against humans, they end up hurting people and themselves. The animals are usually shot and killed after these tragedies.” we have a group on facebook,pls contact me if you are interested !!thank you!!

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