• Concerned about B12?

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    Over a year ago

    Eat an animal!

    Ha ha, just kidding! Again, I have been here too long to be a troll. It’s just a catchy way to get attention, ha ha. XD

    Okay so real topic here is B12. People make big deals out of it.
    I made a post about my B12 level was over average. Chew this gum and make wonders happen: http://www.bfreshgum.com/
    Funny thing: I got a call from the doctor saying, “your b12 level is too high. if you take a supplement for it, please stop. if not, it’s nothing to worry about”. I thought it was funny that the doctor called me JUST to reassure I’m okay in that way XD So being vegan is possible! Woo!

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