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    Over a year ago

    So, I’m mormon. It’s not a huge deal, but it is something I believe in, even if I’m not the most stereotypical one, Hell, I got blue hair and like girls. But recently, after going vegan, I realized something… The Word of Wisdom (AKA the mormon code of health) has a verse that’s often looked over. Everytime we read it in sunday school we read the verse saying that God says eating animals is ok, but right under that it says “But it would please me if you did not, only in times of winter or famine.” And there have even been mormon prophets that were stright up vegheads, but mormon culture doesn’t reflect that at all. After going vegetarian, I realized that there’s nothing I can eat at institute (mormon college classes for the non-BYU-goer) anymore, and that litereally everyone around me is shoving their faces full of meat, but when I try to bring that up, I get shot down and told that “Jesus said to eat meat” or “Telling people that eating meat is wrong is wrong” and once my own aunt called me indoctrinated. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Over a year ago

    That is because religion is for the masses. There isn’t going to be a religion that pushes an over looked verse when the people don’t agree with it. I mean your problem isn’t just related to mormons but all of today’s society. Whenever veg*nism is brought up to omnivores they get defensive and reply with repetitive often false information or sayings to try and get you off their back. It is just something you have to put up with and get over essentially. Pick your battles because you aren’t going to get through to everyone. I’ve actually had a religious guy argue with me before he was trying to convince me to eat meat again because that is what God wanted and he was afraid I was going to go to hell etc.

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